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Tick Dynamic is a Minecraft Forge CoreMod, which will attempt to maintain a server Ticks Per Second at 20. It does this by individually controlling how many Entities and TileEntities update each tick. As the server TPS goes down, the number of Entities and TileEntities that update each tick also goes down, to maintain a high server TPS.
Server Minecraft Forge Cauldron MC 1.7.10 MC 1.8

On a Minecraft server the world will update 20 times a second. This means that the server has 50 milliseconds to go through every active world and update the Entities, TileEntities and other tings like lighting and terrain generation.
Once your server has a lot of players, and large active bases, the server might start having problems updating everything within the given time.
This is especially true on modded server with Chunk loaders, large bases with a lot of TileEntities, and many new Monsters and other Entities.

With Tick Dynamic on your server, you will be able to define how much time each world is allowed to use, and within each world, how much time Entities and TileEntities are allowed to use.
Whenever these limits are hit, Tick Dynamic will limit the number of Entities and/or TileEntities that updates each tick for the given groups.
You essentially have a separate TPS for Entities and TileEntities in each world.

So what do you gain by maintaining a server TPS of 20, by allowing Entities and TileEntities to update slower?
- Little to no Block lag
- Interact with TileEntities(Chests, Machines etc.) without delays
- Chunk loading and teleporting without long pauses
- No player lag when moving around
- No disconnects due to long ticks
- Generally lower ping and a more responsive server

Note however, that Tick Dynamic will not help for every case, certain events will still cause the TPS to drop, or cause noticeable lag.
Some examples for this is:
- World Generation taking a significant amount of time of a tick.
- Rapid change in time usage for a world
- One mod, or a combination of mobs, using a large amount of time on a single operation during a tick.
- World backup
However, Tick Dynamic should be able to smooth out the spikes by quite a bit.

Tick Dynamic allows a lot of control in how it will maintain that 20 TPS.
If you would have Entities run at a full 20 TPS, but you don't care about TileEntities, you can provide a larger slice of time for Entities.
If you want to give Overworld more time, you can also give it a larger slice of time than the other worlds.
Check out the Help section for full overview of the configuration options, commands and installation instructions.

Default config

Just dropping Tick Dynamic into a server that is struggling with TPS due to a large amount of Entities and/or TileEntities, will in most cases help the server TPS get up to a constant 20TPS.
By default Tick Dynamic will allocate the time evenly. So if you have Overworld, The End and Nether, each world will be given ~16,66 ms.
Then within each world, Entities and TileEntities will be given ~8,33 ms to run their updates.
If either Entities or TileEntities use more than their given time, it will limit the number of updates to fit within the given time automatically.

Please note however, that if any group is not using all the time provided to it, that time will be available for other groups.
So if a world is heavy on Entities, but have few TileEntities, then more time will automatically be given to Entities.
Same for worlds, If a world uses a lot of time, and two others do not, then the active world will be given more time.

Mining/Spawner World

On many modded servers you have assigned worlds/dimensions for running machines like Quarries, as they make the world look "ugly" with a lot of holes around.
Using Tick Dynamic you have an additional reason to use specific worlds for things.
For a mining world, you can specify that the world is to be given a lower slice of time, thus at peak times when a lot of players are on, the Machines and Entities in this world will start running at a lower tickrate, before worlds like the Overworld.
Likewise, you can assign a world for Mob Spawners and Mob Farms, and give Entities a lower slice of time, without affecting the mobs in the Overworld or The End.
There are still more features planned for TickDynamic.
  • Per Chunk timing and limit
  • Instead of slowing down TileEntities or Entities globally in world, locally slow down the Entities and/or TileEntities that are using a lot of time in a chunk.
    *Note: This feature might not be implemented, du to problems with cross-chunk ticking/movement when they are independently slowed down*
  • Per user timing and limit
  • You know that user that seems to just live on your server, and builds large, complex and CPU intensive builds.
    With this feature you will be able to set a limit on just that players Entities and TileEntities.
    This feature is a bit into the future tho, as some changes are required for it to work.
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News & Updates

Version 0.1.5 has now been released.
The mod is now again compatible with the latest CoFHCore version, though if they continue patching the World class, I might have to do further fixing again later.
Work on 0.2.0, which ended up being a complete rewrite, is going well. That will bring the capability to define groups containing different Entities/TileEntities, each with their own timing and limits. So if you want to slow down Enemies, while keeping "farm" mobs runnint at normal speed, you can do so.
0.3.0 will bring player limits, and should be completed faster than 0.2.0, as much of the work will already be done.
Check out the download page!
Version 0.1.3 has now been released, binging two important fixes.
- reload command now also reloads tickTime for 'worlds'.
- Now takes into account "External" time usage(Time between frames)
Also, for those of you still using the Cauldron server, there is now a Cauldron compatible version of Tick Dynamic.
For those of you using Minecraft 1.8, there is also a version of Tick Dynamic for that.
Check out the download page!
Alpha version 0.1 is now available for download for Minecraft 1.7.10.
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